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Name:Hela Norse Goddess of Death

Hel: Summary

is the youngest child of the Trickster God, Loki and the Jotun witch, Angrboda. Her main verse takes place when she is still very young, having just been cast from her mother's hall into Niflheim. There she shapes her own domain, Helheim and begins to care for the dishonoured dead who have passed on from sickness or old age.

title or description
Name meaning: one that hides
Associated symbols: Ear rune, yew, hemlock, obsidian, moon, wells.

Hel has not yet come of age in her head canon so she is permitted to travel to other realms accompanied. An older version of her can be found here: [personal profile] ladyofniflheim. The muse is derived from Norse mythology but may develop differently. Spelling of Norse names is anglicised.

Disclaimer: This is a role playing account, no profit is being made from it. Mun is over 18 and so is muse (in mortal years). PB is Saoirse Ronan edited by me, please do not use my icons.

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